Chakra Energy Balancing 
Balancing the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the physical body is an Ancient Ayurveda Practice.  First your Chakras are analyzed with a moltivite crystal.You will be very relaxed as you listen to binaural music.  Tuning forks are used to attune the meridians.   7 essential oils are massaged into the energy centers.  Corresponding stones and crystals are laid on the body.  Colored light therapy is applied. After your personalized session, you will be given a 7 page report on the findings and you will further discuss what to do to keep your adjustment attuned. Your life source, or Chi, will be greatly improved.  Your energy will soar.  Your mind will open along with your heart.  This is a treatment that must be experienced to understand its' healing effects on the physical body, mind, spirit and soul.

Pineal gland activation