So what is the ULTIMATE FACIAL?
It is a combination of Microdermabrasion, Microcurrent, and LED Light
Microdermabrasion is a special technique used to sand away, or polish, the older layers of skin. The underlying skin is brighter, finer textured and youthful.  You can feel the skin breathe. This helps create more circulation and blood flow to nourish the cells, creating more collagen.  The collagen plumps it up to fill in fine wrinkles.   
All facials begin with an analysis of the skin.  Products are then chosen to meet your individual needs. We use Organic Eminence and Botanical Science Skincare.  After your skin is cleansed, a Belavi uplifting facial massage is performed.  It is relaxing and very beneficial to your skin. Steam is also used during this time. 
The next step is microdermabrasion.

Microcurrent is the next step. A fine layer of cold aloevera and azulene mask is applied to the skin.  We choose one of 15 color light probes.  Sometimes a gemstone is used for the treatment.  We stimulate the muscles of the face with the currents.  It excercising the underlying muscle tissue.  A toned face is a youthful looking face.  It is just like a body workout. The facial skin is unique because it actually attached to the muscles.  The more we excercise the muscles, the tighter and toner the skin becomes.  Younger clients can slow the aging process.  Older clients will turn back the hands of time.  Not only are we addressing the muscles, but we are stimulating the accupuncture points on the facial meridians.  These meridians are attached to the internal organs.  You will look good, you will feel good and have a healthy glow.  
A masque is now chosen for your skin.  It might be chocolate, coconut. apricot, blueberry, roses, pumpkin, orange spice, or maybe a mud or clay.  Whatever we choose, you will love the way your skin will feel.
Now we are ready to use NASA LED light penetration.  We will apply Vitamin C, along with other good for your skin serums and use the light to penetrate them to a cellular level.   
We finish the facial with a complimentary makeup application.  WOW you look great!    You will be glad you gave this one a try!  The Ultimate Facial was recently featured as the best non-surgical facelift treatment on the Doctors.  
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